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Wedding Flowers Information

Wedding Flowers and Pictures Information

We specialize in do it yourself flowers (DIY) and making do it yourself flowers an easy and enjoyable process. We also have several pictures of rose petals and roses. If you have come to this page, you are already considering a purchase of one of the most beautiful things money can buy - Fresh Flowers. Congratulations! We are happy to discuss your specific needs and plans. We understand that each customer is different and has a different "Do It Yourself" goal in mind.

Fresh Do It Yourself Flowers

Our do it yourself flowers are among the freshest found anywhere. Our pricing is designed to make do it yourself flowers easy and affordable. We hope you decide to let Fresh Petal help you acheive your do it yourself goals.

We sell Fresh Do It Yourself Wedding Roses grown by a premier California rose grower. When you buy fresh do it yourself flowers from Fresh Petal, you can be assured your flowers are cultivated here in America. Not only will you be supporting one of the remaining domestic agricultural industries but you will be buying flowers that are at least 2-3 days fresher than anything from overseas.

Our fresh do it yourself flowers are picked and packaged at the grower and shipped directly to you overnight. We offer premium wedding roses to ensure the do it yourself flowers exceed your highest expectations.

Wedding Roses

You deserve to use only the freshest wedding roses and we think you will be happy with our quality. Our roses are hand selected for their color, strength and overall performance.

If you want us to make a custom growers rose bunch to help you do it yourself, we can accommodate your specific needs. Please complete our reservation/inquiry form and fill in your detailed request for a sample bunch with up to 5 different varieties.

Fresh Greens and Wedding Garland

We have an endless supply of Wedding Flowers and Greens and are happy to accommodate your request. Our pictures of do it yourself flowers and greens are available throughout most of the year.

If you are interested in something that is not in our pictures of rose petals and roses, please complete our reservation/inquiry form with your specific request so that we may respond to you.

Making A Handtied Bouquet

All of the wedding roses by Fresh Petal are shown in our pictures as hand-tied bouquets. Many of you will want to do it yourself and create this look with your roses or wedding flowers. Here are the easy steps to make a hand-tied bouquet.

1. Clean foliage and remove the thorns after the stems have been fully hydrated in clean water.

2. Cut the stems down to length desired (approximately 12 inches).

3. Lay the roses side by side on a flat surface.

4. Hold three stems in one hand about 4 inches from the flower (this is the start of your bouquet).

5. Pick up the remaining roses one by one with the other hand and add to your bouquet.

6. Once the bouquet is formed, keep a firm hold of the bouquet in one hand and using the other hand cut the stems to even out the bottom of the bouquet.

7. Secure the flower stems using a rubber band.
8. Add ribbon, fabric or raffia to decorate as desired. See, you can do it yourself and it is easy with Fresh Petal. You really can't go wrong when you have plenty of beautiful fresh flowers in front of you. Have fun, enjoy, and remember the fragrance will help you remember the experience forever.

Making a Table Arrangement

Table arrangements are easy to make as well. An easy way to make a table arrangement is to start with a hand tied bouquet.

1. Choose your vase or container - a round shaped glass bowl works great for this look.

2. Make a handtied bouquet as described above inserting your choice of filler flowers and greens if desired.

3. After securing the bouquet with a rubber band, tie a beautiful ribbon around it.

4. Cut the stems to the desired length and shape so that they will fit nicely into your container and the ribbon ends up at a pleasing height.

You might also want to place your hand tied bouquets like this after the ceremony. You and your guests will be able to enjoy them as table arrangements during your reception.
DIY - it is easy to do with Fresh Petal.

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"The flowers were amazing! I also loved the way you packed them, believe it or not. Guaranteed freshness. I referred you to someone else in my office who I know also ordered from you. I will be coming back. Thank you and your entire organization for such quick, courteous and conscientious service. A true rarity."

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