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Symbolic Wedding Flower Package

Our Symbolic Wedding Flower Package includes specific flowers to symbolize love, marriage, happiness and romance. We have chosen specific flowers and foliage that will provide you and your loved one beautiful symbolic floral d?cor. We have selected roses and spray roses which are the symbol of love, ivy which is the symbol of marriage and fidelity, baby's breath which symbolizes festivity, stephanotis which symbolize good luck, and rose petals which symbolize romance. In addition, your color choice will add another meaningful layer of symbolism for your wedding flowers. You can choose red for romantic love, white for purity or pure love, yellow for joyful love and friendship, pink for graceful love and hapiness, peach for appreciation and gratitude, orange for desire and fascination, or lavender for enchantment and falling in love. As with all of our fresh floral products, please order early to ensure the best availability. We will ship them to you to arrive fresh and ready to use approximately one or two days before your event. Please indicate the date you would like to receive them when ordering.

Package Details

Small Flower Package: (25 stems Roses, 10 stems Spray Roses, 10 stems Ivy, 1 bunch Baby's Breath, 1 pack Rose Petals, 25 Stephanotis Flowers)

Medium Flower Package: (50 stems Roses, 20 stems Spray Roses, 20 stems Ivy, 2 bunches Baby's Breath, 1 pack Rose Petals, 25 Stephanotis Flowers)

Large Flower Package: (100 stems Roses, 40 stems Spray Roses, 4 bunches Ivy, 4 bunches Baby's Breath, 1 pack Rose Petals, 25 Stephanotis Flowers)

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"The flowers were amazing! I also loved the way you packed them, believe it or not. Guaranteed freshness. I referred you to someone else in my office who I know also ordered from you. I will be coming back. Thank you and your entire organization for such quick, courteous and conscientious service. A true rarity."

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