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Rose Petals Information

This page will give you lots of information about using our rose petals. If you want to purchase rose petals from us, you will need to go to our shopping cart. What are fresh petals? Don't be fooled by the imposters. Some people think it is OK to use petals that were peeled from the flowers that they just arranged or petals from old flowers that aren't going to be used anyway. This is how some companies get rid of old flowers that they have not sold - they sell them to you as petals. Fresh? Well, no not exactly; but most brides don't realize that is what they might get! We think that is a shame! If really fresh petals are used, the effect is extraordinary.

Our specialty is Fresh Rose Petals! Delivered Wholesale, Direct to you anywhere in the United States, including FREE SHIPPING! We suggest you order early and schedule your order to arrive approximately two or three days before your event.

Rose petals are great for a really romantic experience.

Fresh Petal sells top quality, fresh rose petals (not freeze dried or silk or fake in any way.) We are well known as the best source for fresh rose petals. Rose Petals that you can count on!

Our rose petals are made to order and come from roses grown on our farms in California.

Fresh Rose Petals are easy to enjoy! Just open the pack and sprinkle, float, toss or scatter. Your experience will be a memory to cherish.

They come conveniently packaged in a hard sided plastic container which includes approximately 2000 rose petals. Our packaging keeps the rose petals at their peak freshness. Upon arrival, you simply place in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them. No special skills necessary!

Please refer to Our Rose Petal Information Page for help in determining how many packs to purchase for your particular use.

Fresh Rose Petals are the eco-friendly choice for decorations. Please consider your choice as a green sustainable choice when choosing our fresh rose petals grown right here in the USA. Freeze Dried Rose Petals are covered in preservation chemicals and use tons of energy to actually get them to their freeze dried state. Silk rose petals are made of synthetic fabrics, are not made in the USA and are definitely not biodegradable.

. Rose Petals have been around for centuries. They have been part of celebration for most of history. Now, they are an excellent choice for weddings, parties, romantic encounters, picnics and other special events. There is no longer a need to buy roses and break apart a perfectly good flower. You don't even have to hire someone to help you. See our pictures of rose petals in many colors.

We believe that people should be able to do all of the things they dream about when they are young. We hope that our pictures of rose petals and roses will help to fulfill some of those dreams…. Dreams about rose petals and wedding roses floating in ponds or bowls, dreams about rose petals and garland adorning the aisle as the bride enters, or dreams of rose petals being tossed at the newlyweds as they escape to their new life together.

We have a carefully tested packaging and distribution system. We have designed an award winning package that combines freshness, color selection, convenience and on time delivery. You will have the fresh petals others have only dreamed about.

Fresh Rose Petals create a visual memory for you and your guests like no other accent can. They are elegant, colorful, fresh, and fragrant. They can be blown, tossed, scattered, pillowed, and floated. They can be used heavily to create space or lightly to accent spaces. The decorating possibilities are endless, and only you know what mood you are creating.

The following information might be helpful in determining the correct amount of fresh petals to buy:

Tossing - (Guests love this!) Plan on using about 1 petal pack for about 35 guests - If you are going to have a large basket with loose petals, you should consider more as some guests tend to take large scoops.

Scattering on tables - Plan on about 1 petal pack for up to 8-10 tables depending on table size and your application.

Adorning the Aisle - This really depends on the look that you want to create using the petals. Some of our customers use petals to actually create and identify the path for the bride and some use the petals to just accent the aisle. Others lightly scatter the aisle or just the sides of the aisle and still some need the path to be covered with fresh petals. We usually say that one pack will lightly decorate an area of approximately 40 square feet, medium decoration of about 20 square feet, and heavy decoration of about 10 square feet.

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"The flowers were amazing! I also loved the way you packed them, believe it or not. Guaranteed freshness. I referred you to someone else in my office who I know also ordered from you. I will be coming back. Thank you and your entire organization for such quick, courteous and conscientious service. A true rarity."

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