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Fresh flower fund-raisers from Fresh Petal
Selling rose bouquets is a proven way to raise money for your non-profit association.  We have created two standard packages to maximize your profits and keep your costs low.  We are able to sell these boxes to you at below wholesale prices.

500 Long Roses - growers assortment
500 roses will include four bunches of roses in at least ten different colors selected…
Our Price:
25 Dozen bouquets - growers assortment
Our dozen bouquets are 12 roses grouped into dozens with a celophane sleeve…
Our Price:

In addition to our standard packages, Fresh Petal offers customized fundraising programs.  The ability to customize a fundraising program is very popular for schools, clubs and other non-profit organizations. If you would like more information regarding a customized fundraising program, please send your inquiry to info@freshrosepetals.com  
Fresh flower fundraiser - planning process

  1. Schedule your date for delivery of flowers and your dollar goal to be raised.
  2. Contact Fresh Petal to confirm the date and availability and make your reservation.
  3. Recruit interested volunteers to pre-sell the bouquets during a month long sales drive.
  4. Provide an estimate of your sales to Fresh Petal 7 days before your event date.
  5. Confirm your final order with Fresh Petal three days before delivery. 

Fresh flower fundraiser - selling process

  1. Start your month long flower bouquet sales drive and assign volunteers.
  2. Distribute the photo images, product information and order sheets to your volunteers.
  3. Post signs, send flyers, set-up a table and get the message out to your group.
  4. Pre-sell the rose bouquets and collect payment throughout the month long sales drive.
  5. Volunteers will turn in their order sheets including payments one week before event.
  6. Instruct volunteers when and where they will need to pick up the rose bouquets.
  7. Volunteers will hand deliver each bouquet to their customers on the scheduled day.

Fresh flower fundraiser - distribution process

  1. Have a small team ready to receive the boxes from your overnight delivery carrier.
  2. Be prepared with many buckets filled with water so the rose bouquets can re-hydrate.
  3. Immediately open the boxes, unpack the flowers, cut the stems and place into water.
  4. Use order sheets to organize, separate and identify the bouquets for each volunteer.
  5. Bundle into groups of bouquets, attach order sheet and place in water until picked up.
  6. Volunteers should pick up bouquets after they have been in water for several hours.
  7. Manage the pickup procedure until all the flowers are picked up.

Fresh flower fundraiser from Fresh Petal
Please read our frequently asked questions regarding our custom fundraising.  You may contact us at info@freshrosepetals.com with any questions or to begin planning your own fundraiser.  You may also call us at 866-738-2573.

    • How do I choose the best delivery date for our event?
      The roses will be delivered to your location via over-night delivery on your specified delivery date. You can choose a date of Tuesday-Friday but most organizations think delivery on Thursday works best.
    • Why should I plan a custom fundraiser?
        Fresh Petal custom packs your boxes based on the exact number of rose bouquets that you sell.  This will save you money because you will not be buying product that you do not have sold.  We have also laid out a procedure that will maximize your fundraising success.
    • How will the flowers arrive?
      The roses will arrive fresh in insulated cooled shipping boxes.  The boxes should be opened and the flowers should be cut and placed immediately into buckets of water to allow the flowers to re-hydrate.  This will ensure the best possible flower experience for your customers and is important in the overall care and handling of the flowers.
    • What will the flowers look like when they arrive?
      Fresh Petal offers premium roses arranged in dozens in cellophane sleeves.  The flower bouquets will include care and handling instructions for your customers along with flower food.
    • How many bouquets should we expect to sell?
      Rose Dozens are best sold to people that your participants know.  Many members will sell them at work, to family members, and people that they deal with every day.  Most people will appreciate the gesture and agree to support the organization.  Almost every volunteer will be able to sell three bouquets just to their spouse, parent and boss but many volunteers will do much better than that
    • How much money can we expect to raise?
      We are able to offer fabulous pricing to your organization.  If your order is 100 dozen rose bouquets, you be able to raise approximately $600 for your association. Your total profits will depend on the quantity of bouquets sold and the sales price you have chosen to use.
    • How can we maximize the sales of rose bouquets?
      The number of dozens that you sell will be greater if your organization has a clear objective and a motivated project manager.  It usually helps if the organization has a specific need that the money will be used to support.
    • How many rose bouquets fit into a bucket of water?
        It will depend on the size of the buckets that you use.  If you use the white 5 gallon buckets, you can place approximately 10 bouquets in each bucket.
    • How should we bundle the rose bouquets for pick up?
        It is up to you to use the materials that you have on hand but we use newspaper and tape to make the bundles of multiple bouquets
    • What tools does Fresh Petal provide with their custom fundraising package?
      Upon special request, we can provide your organization with electronic files of product information, rose bouquet photos, pricing strategy and sales order sheets that will help manage your sales for success.
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