Caring for your fresh flowers:


Keep in mind that Fresh Flowers are a perishable item. It is important that they be handled correctly. Please follow these simple flower care and handling steps to ensure the best possible performance from your fresh flowers and foliages.

  1. Add fresh room temperature water to your large container as full as possible. Be sure to use fresh clean water - if your tap water is highly chlorinated or considered "hard" it is usually helpful to the flowers to buy spring water.
  2. Remove any foliage that is below the water line to prevent bacteria growth.
  3. Trim at least one inch from the bottom of the stems with a sharp knife or scissors.
  4. Place the fresh flowers into water. It is best to allow the fresh flowers to hydrate overnight before arranging.
  5. Add fresh water daily to your flowers.
  6. Replace the water and re-cut the flower stems, if necessary, every 2-3 days to keep enjoying.
  7. Find a comfortable place to enjoy the fresh flowers, away from direct sunlight and direct heat sources.

Caring for your fresh rose petals:


Fresh rose petals are a perishable product but they are not as fragile as most people think. We take the utmost care in packaging only the freshest petals so you can expect the most beautiful product available.
Our rose petals are best left in their original packaging until ready to use. We will ship your rose petals to arrive when you need them - usually two to three days before your event.

They will hold up well for several days in their packaging if kept in a cool environment.

If possible, wrap plastic petal container in towel and place in refrigerator.


Caring for your fresh garland:


Our garland is best kept in its shipping box until ready to use.

 There should be not be a need to refrigerate if using within a few days but please keep as cool as possible for freshest results.

You may sprinkle with water to help maintain the garland’s freshness.

Please email any questions to: