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Fresh Flowers Wedding Planning

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We are available to help you choose flowers that match your color scheme or fall into your floral color family.

Fresh Flowers Wedding Planning

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Fresh Flowers Wedding Planning

Color is an important component in the buying and selling of flowers.

The California Cut Flower Commission has created these color families to make it easier to compare variations of color and to help communicate exactly what you need. Each color has an associated number, so describing your vision of "peachy pink" or "bluish purple" won't get lost in translation.

Fresh Flowers Wedding Planning

Rich, bold, warm and sensuous, the hallmark of the red family.

Black Magic, Black Baccara, Black Beauty, and Tomango Spray roses, Red Lilies, Amaranthus, Sweet pea, Mango Callas, and Hydrangea are choices for this color family. This bouquet is full of texture and distinction.

Design by Keith White AIFD
Fresh Flowers Wedding Planning

Red/Orange Color Family

Fresh Flowers Wedding Planning

Soft cosmetic hues take their cue from nature.

A subtle blend of skin toned Sahara, Bianca, Sweet Akito and Rosita Vendella, a most mysterious mauve rose, combined with Apple Blossom Stock, French Tulips.

Design by Charlie Groppetti AIFD and Keith White AIFD.
Fresh Flowers Wedding Planning

Pink Toned Color Family

Fresh Flowers Wedding Planning

Nature's warmest and safest place, yellow to green

A sense of the French countryside is expressed in this botanical hand tied of Modern Style. Includes LA Hybrid Lily, Jade and Yellow Island Roses, and Delphinium and lots of botanicals.

Design by Keith White AIFD.
Fresh Flowers Wedding Planning

Yellow/Green Color Family

Fresh Flowers Wedding Planning

Regal and distinctive, nature's gemstones

Rich jewel toned hues define this modern and stylish bouquet. Hydrangea, Delila Roses, Violet Stock, Lavender Callas, and Scabiosa.

Design by Charlie Groppetti AIFD.
Fresh Flowers Wedding Planning

Blue/Lavender Color Family

Fresh Flowers Wedding Planning
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