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Fresh Rose Petals - FAQ's

Why should I use Fresh Petal?

Fresh Petal has been providing an excellent service and an excellent product for customers for more than 10 years. We are the only company that allows you to purchase exactly what you need in the quantity that you want while saving you money on your entire order. We only charge one time for shipping and do not add the shipping cost into the price of each and every item that you purchase like the other sites do. You have more flexibility to purchase any do it yourself flowers, rose, garlands, green and rose petals and have them packed all together in one box. How do I place my order?

Orders may be placed via a secure transaction on our web site. All pricing and order information is available in the shopping cart on our site. If you have any trouble or need assistance, you may call 866-738-2573 or email us at: info@freshrosepetals.com. All orders will be processed within 24 - 72 hours - but they will not be shipped until you need them. We will ship your wedding flowers or rose petals so that they arrive 2-3 days prior to your wedding or event. (Last minute orders? Call direct and we will try to expedite!)

How do I care for my fresh rose petals?

Fresh rose petals are a perishable product but they are not as fragile as most people think. We take the utmost care in packaging only the freshest petals so you can expect the most beautiful product available. Our rose petals are best left in their original packaging in the refrigerator until ready to use. We ship our rose petals to arrive when you need them - usually at least one to two days before your event. They will hold up well for several days in their packaging if kept in a cool environment.

How do I care for my fresh flowers?

Bear in mind that Fresh Wedding Flowers are a perishable item. It is important that they be handled correctly. Follow these simple flower care and handling steps to ensure the best possible performance from your fresh flowers.

  • Add fresh room temperature water to your large container as full as possible. Be sure to use fresh clean water - if your tap water is highly chlorinated or considered "hard" it is usually helpful to the flowers to buy spring water.

  • Remove any foliage that is below the water line to prevent bacteria growth.

  • Trim at least one inch from the bottom of the stems with a sharp knife or scissors.
    Place the fresh flowers into water. It is best to allow the fresh flowers to hydrate overnight before arranging.

  • Add fresh water daily to your flowers. Replace the water and re-cut the flower stems, if necessary, every 2-3 days to keep enjoying.

  • Find a comfortable place to enjoy the fresh flowers, away from direct sunlight and direct heat sources.

When should I place my order?

You may place your order as early as you want and to ensure best availability it is best to order at least one week in advance but we do accept orders up to one or two days in advance if product availability allows. We cannot guarantee availability. Best bet: plan ahead.

How will I know if the flowers that I order will be available?

Most of the time everything goes smoothly but fresh flowers are not made in a factory and depend on Mother Nature. There are times when flower types or color choices are not available. We do our best to inform you so that you can make another selection. If we are not able to make contact with you, we will choose the best available substitute so that you are not without flowers. You may also indicate "no substitutions" on your order if your prefer that we don't make a substitution without your knowledge.

What if I change my mind, or call the whole thing off?

Please let us know the week before if there will be a change in your requirements. There will be no cancellation or changes to orders for same week shipments. All cancellations will include a $20 cancellation fee that will be deducted from your total.

How are the orders shipped?

We ship every flower order via express courier service due to their perishable nature. Shipping for delivery Tuesday through Friday is available. Standard overnight delivery means that your order may arrive anytime during the day of delivery. Please make sure someone is available to receive the package. You may call 1800-gofedex for questions regarding delivery times. There will be an extra charge for delivery on Saturday. We ship our products to anywhere within the Continental United States-Hawaii and Alaska will require additional shipping charges. Fresh Petal is required to collect sales tax if your recipient's mailing address is in the state of California (8.25%). There is no shipping to Canada at this time.

Please make sure that you provide us with an address where you or the recipient will be all day on the day of delivery. Please be sure that the complete address is supplied, There will be an additional charge of $10 to make an address correction on orders en route. Also, we require a telephone number for the recipient in case they need to be contacted for further delivery instructions. In most cases, we tell the carrier to release the shipment without requiring a signature. Your shipping charges will be calculated when an order is placed. Shipping is free for orders of rose petals.

How many days ahead of my event should I plan to receive my order?

Fresh rose petals and wedding flowers should arrive approximately 2 days before the event. This will ensure the freshest possible rose petals and allow the wedding flowers to hydrate and begin to open before the event. You are the best judge to determine the exact timing based on your preference. Some people want their flowers fully open and that might take an extra day or two Keep in mind they will open faster when conditions are warm and bright (but never put roses in a hot room or in direct sunlight) and slower when conditions are dark and cold.

What are some unique ways that I can use fresh rose petals?

Fresh rose petals are extremely romantic. They can be brought with you on your honeymoon possibly thrown into a bath or scattered across a bed. Sprinkling rose petals on your tables and aisles add color, drama and beauty. Many people are choosing to toss fresh petals instead of rice as the bride and groom leave. Floating your fresh petals can make a very elegant and colorful focal point. Lining the aisle with rose petals is wonderful. Fresh rose petals around a huricane is quite simple. Please see our page dedicated to rose petals and their many uses.

What is the Fresh Petal privacy policy?

We have our privacy policy on our site. You can find the link in the footer on our home page. We use the information you give us only for the limited purpose of processing your orders, administering our site, and notifying you of products or special orders orders that may be of interest to you. We do not share your information with companies, or sell the information to them. Your information is safe with Fresh Petal. Please refer to our privacy policy for complete details

What form of payment can I use?
Fresh Petal accepts credit card payments (visa, master card)on line. You may also pay via PAYPAL. If you prefer another form of payment, please call us to arrange that your payment is correctly applied to your order.

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